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IC: The heat is on

*Standing in a dark hallway*

Neptune, what are you waiting for? Interpol has already discovered our operation. You must assist me in completing Gigarig at once.

IC: Evil science

*Following a young girl with a long, jagged ponytail and a Team Galactic uniform, and with Eleanor trapped inside a diamond of energy behind him, Matt approaches an iron building.*

Neptune, this is the place, I assume. Mars should be here shortly, so get ready to let us in and show us around.

IC: Flashback

*Sleeping in a cobbled-together bed underneath the canopy he had built, Matt doesn't seem to be having pleasant dreams, and is squirming in his sleep...*


Whatever was outside the quaint log cabin could not be seen, as a heavy snowfall completely whited out and cancelled any potential visibility. Several red rugs lay on the floor while hallways and staircases connected the cabin’s foyer to its second floor and other rooms.


Standing right at the stairs were Mercury and Pluto, then Fumika and Charon. Mercury, looking exactly the same - her typical square glasses and sideways-egg-shaped yellow hair - was in a gray and white uniform that definitely was Team Galactic’s, except for the fact it lacked a “G” logo. Pluto, however, wore a simple sweater and looked much younger, sporting a blue mullet. Both were completely furious.


“You’re leaving me to take care of them both?!” Pluto raged. “I have enough trouble dealing with that headstrong son of yours who wants to take after my miserable father! You think I can take care of a fricking cripple too?”


“He’s your son too!” countered Mercury. “Besides, it’s your fault she’s a cripple. You’re the one with deformed legs!”


“I can walk, so it’s not my fault, you! And that STILL doesn’t give you any excuse to leave them with me!”


“You care about them no more than I do. If you hate them so much, just leave them somewhere. It’s not like your daughter can simply walk away!”


As the petty bickering continued, a nearby door creaked open slightly, revealing a circular spark of light. It had come from the glasses of a much younger Matt, who, despite the fact his hair then barely hung over his right eye and wearing glasses almost bigger than his face, looked much like he did presently. Behind him, only half visible in the darkness, was a young girl with long, wavy blue hair seated in a rather cheap-looking wheelchair.


“They’re fighting again, aren’t they….”


“I’m afraid so, my sister.” Matt turned from the door, looking frustrated. “But what can I do? There’s nothing I can do to stop this…”


“Please promise me something, big brother.”



“Promise me that no matter what happens, you’ll always be there for me.”


“I promise, Amanda. I will die before something happens to you.”


*Matt squrims in his sleep and mumbles something nearly incoherent...*


IC: Homemaking

*Matt is carrying scraps of metal towards what appears to be a sloppy pile of metal and wood planks*

Mmph.... *turns to the camera* Eleanor, are you getting this?

Building a house out of what I can salvage... seems like this island randomly generates scraps, or something.

IC: One night in

*Matt is sitting on a rock on the beach, observing the sunset*

This island doesn't seem like all that bad a place, but about some of the people....

*He shuts his one good eye. The skin around his eye patch wrinkles as if it's still moving, but nothing more is visible*'

I guess I understand the universe is big enough to have more than one of the same person but....

OOC: Stuff about Matt Chiaki

Short bio: Wise beyond his twenty-four and a half years (birth 12/20/84) Matt Chiaki holds the highest degree one can earn from the Rustboro School of Pokemon Technology. He primarily studied archeology under his grandfather, legendary archeologist Sutter Chiaki, and robotics technology under Doctor Newton Graceland, at the time a guest teacher at the school. His name has become famous of late, as he completed the goal his late grandfather never accomplished, finding the legendary Golden City of La Ciudad Dorada, preventing a coup headed by a deposed prince in the process.

However, his personal life is rather dark - he and his sister Amanda, who was born crippled due to deformed legs, were abused by their parents, with their mother leaving them early in their lives. After an accident involving an unethical energy experiment by his father that caused the blindness of Amanda (an explosion lodged shards of a Mind Plate in both her eyes) Matt ran away, attempting to find a better life for himself and his beloved sister. It was then that he was picked up and effectively adopted by a man named Cyrus, who took care of him, however, he later learned that Cyrus was the boss of the gang his mother left them for and was grooming him to join.

Currently, Matt is accompanied by his friend Eleanor Laplace. He had once dated a classmate, Cassy Natsuka, but she left him abruptly to participate in the attempted ursuption of the throne of La Ciudad Dorada.

Pokemon owned: Rotom (Nikola), Rhyperior (Crusher), Aggron (Tony). Ambipom (Agnetha), Salamence (Sally), Heatran (Tanya)

Aquaintances: Sutter Chiaki (grandfather), Charon/Pluto (father), Newton Graceland (former teacher), Zero (ex-classmate)